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When we first heard about Victory adding another IPA to there line up, I was a bit confused. They already have some great IPA's. 

Though when I found out it was a Double IPA, I was really intrugued. Most DIPAs are a little tough to get through and have huge bite at the end. Not this one. I would be glad to drink one or two of these extremely well crafted beers.

It poured a hazy light golden color with a hint of light orange tint. Smelling the beer is an experience for the senses. You will smell light citrus, piney hops and carmel malts. It tastes as good as it smells...the intensity and spicy floral is the prodominate taste. The mouthfeel is a slick yet lively taste with a bitter and spicy dry hopped bite in the finish.

THIS is truely a craft beer. Well done Victory, well done.