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Great Lakes Nosferatu

October 01, 2012 at 10:00 AM


Style: American Strong Ale

Often referred to as Burning River Pale Ale’s big brother, this stock ale is remarkably balanced for such a highly hopped beer. A rich deep blood red color makes this beer scary enough to be served every Halloween and a few other times of the year.

The Beer Snob Thinks:

Pours a dark amber-orange color with a small amount of white head the fades fairly quickly. Aroma is a nice mix of fruit, malt, and hops. Different aromas are mandarin oranges, apples, caramel, chocolate, pine, cinnamon, and some spiciness. Taste starts off with the mandarin oranges and some spiciness. Later the caramel and chocolate come through a bit. Finish is spicy and a bit rough. Slight alcohol taste and a somewhat odd aftertaste. If the finish were good this would be a great beer. Still it has nice complexity and a very nice flavor.

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Category: Beer Review